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Your Go-To Hub for Superior Firearms and laser engraving in the Community!
“We're more than just a gun store – we're a hub for the local shooting community. From hosting educational workshops and training sessions to participating in community outreach programs, we're dedicated to fostering a safe and reliable environment for shooters of all backgrounds.

Yes, we have a reputation for building badass firearms in our custom shop but we also have a passion for not only educating but encouraging and welcoming new people into the community. We believe it is imperative that every law abiding American bears arms in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. In this day and age, far too many women and children are vulnerable to the evils of the world and it is our goal to educate and instruct as many people in our community as possible so that they are not only comfortable but confident in handling their firearms.“


This brand is for those who not only appreciate the fine details of a well-crafted weapon but also resonate with the era of neon lights, groundbreaking automotive designs, and a sense of adventure that defined the 90s. Frontline Armoury isn't just selling firearms; it's reviving an attitude, a feeling of excitement and freedom encapsulated in that memorable decade.
Whether it's the sleek lines of a classic 90s sports car, the unmistakable sound of a high-performance engine, or the precision engineering of a state-of-the-art firearm, Frontline Armoury brings it all together. It's a brand where memories of the past meet the innovations of the present, creating a unique experience for firearm enthusiasts, car lovers, and anyone who cherishes the unforgettable flavor of the 90s. Welcome to Frontline Armoury, where every product is a ticket to reliving the thrill of a legendary era.


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